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jonny's Journal

Friday, January 24, 2003


new journal.

Thursday, January 23, 2003


im annoyed. everyone has seen bowling for columbine except me. damn being 'grounded'.

on the plus, i got a new computer. i feel high tech and special.

ok yeah i have nothing to say. sorry. im listening to nelly.

Current mood: bored

Tuesday, January 21, 2003


I Am

Which tarot card are you?

tonight while driving home there was a dying possum in the middle of the road. it was standing helplessly in its own pool of blood, confused and scared.

Monday, January 20, 2003


do you ever just want to sit down and cry? just let it all out?

i dont think i can.

Current mood: listless

Friday, January 3, 2003


i passed my driving test!

Current mood: relieved

Wednesday, January 1, 2003


i always forget how good hedwig is.

Tuesday, December 31, 2002


happy fucking birthday, jonathan.

Current mood: annoyed


i just cleaned my room.

so yeah, i just realized that i DESPISE cleaning. i cant believe i have to do the rest of the house. fuck parties. it took me like an hour and a half.

i feel like i slept, but then i totally didnt. i dunno man.


ahhhh i cant sleep!

fuck it. i just wont tonight. i predict many cups of coffee in my near future.

Current mood: annoyed


im not heartbroken. not over someone like you. but, i've lost any shred of respect for you.

no hard feelings. just no feelings at all. you dont deserve any.

Current mood: infuriated

Sunday, December 29, 2002


im so lonely.

oh, im back, by the way.

the trip sucked real hard, minus eric, kalim, my sister, amelia, and this nice young college couple we met. bahais dont like me, and i dont like them. so many fake hellos, so many fake smiles, so many fake 'im so glad to see you!!'s. whatever. its over now; i came back a night early which im so thankful for. i get to miss the 'hugging goodbye' and shit, telling people i either dont know or dislike how much im going to miss them.

alka and i never hung out on friday. not sure what happened. im going to call her tommorow.

i just need somebody to hold me or something because when i came home i realized how alone i am. everyone needs something, someone, but no one needs me, and i dont need anyone. well, i NEED someone but theres no one in particular at the moment. im selfish and i wish people cared about me a whole lot.

i hate the holidays, and i dont want to have a party for my birthday. but its too late i suppose.


Current mood: lonely

Thursday, December 26, 2002

1:45PM - oh, and

i want to change my livejournal name. but theres that whole... livejournal code shit. anyone want to give me one? i'll give you somethin in return.

Current mood: chipper


while reading alkas journal, i really wanted to write a research paper psychoanalyzing (sic?) the essence that is livejournal, and why people are so attached to it. and why here, on this web server, we can show off our idiosyncrasies and faults like trophies. "well i have more problems than you, so i win!!"

i dunno man.

leaving in a few hours. i'll miss you.

Current mood: nerdy

Wednesday, December 25, 2002


merry christ mas.

i got: the shins 'oh, inverted world' on vinyl from my sister (too bad i dont have a record player. oh well. incentive for me to buy one.)
and money

xmas was really uneventful. i was in my bed until about 5 oclock, watching sex and the city first season.

uhm... nothing to say really. im leaving tommorow to go to this religion thing, which im not looking forward to. but i'll find ways to have fun. hopefully alka and i will do something on friday (go see dismemberment plan) but we'll see.

im sortof in a rut. like... me and alka. its weird. i want to talk to her but shes gone. im just sortof, waiting for her. sad but true.

it smells like fish in my house, and it makes me want to die screaming. im so full.

Tuesday, December 24, 2002


i just finished watching monsters ball. it was good. sad though. halle berry is hot, even though the sex wasnt with billybob.

im waiting for my oven to preheat. frozen pizza time!

im not tired. i had more to say about monsters ball but it'll have to wait. a matchbox twenty thing is on vh1 i dont really like them but hey whatever. when i first met kaitlyn i told her my favorite bands were third eye blind and matchbox twenty. at the time it was true, i suppose.

funny how each year things change. did kaitlyn go to the second massanetta? i dont think so.

in 2 days im going to the december congress. i suppose im excited.

man its 4:L00 already.

Current mood: high

Sunday, December 22, 2002


alka and i were supposed to see a movie tonight. i got home from work at 8:15, and called her house like i told her i would, but the phone was busy. the phone was busy until 8:40. when her mom picked up, she said alka just left. so i was like "ah, she must have taken the iniative to go ahead and come pick me up." 9:00. 9:10. 9:20. 9:30. when 9:45 rolled around i realized she wasnt coming. i'm disappointed, but im not mad or anything. i DID tell her i was going to call, and the phone was busy, so maybe she just had other plans. of course, being the freak i am, i fear that she died in a car accident. because when people show up the only explanation is death. so im going to call her tommorow to make sure she's alive and stuff.

i went to foodlion and bought a bunch of stuff to make some chinese stir fry, and i rented the sex in the city first season, and monsters ball, and some coke. i also have grand theft auto: vice city. i dont plan to sleep much.

i have a present for alka; i really want to give it to her. i hope i see her tommorow.

Current mood: disappointed

Saturday, December 21, 2002


i went christmas shopping with andrew, and i rented myself vice city. who's excited?

im about to go out with alka. (yeah)

uhh.... that is all.

Current mood: nothin to say

Friday, December 20, 2002


man oh man.

david benson staeblar called me ::screams::

while i was at work, he called my house, and talked to my mom, and when i came home she aws like "some boy name david called, he wants to hang out" and i was like "::jaw drops:: NOOO!!!!!!!" i tried to explain to her why i hate him, and why i wouldnt call him, and she was like "you're mean". me and liz went out and shopped for xmas, and i just got home and he was like "hey, is jb there? he might have called but my mom was on the phone for a while, sorry" and my mom was like 'uhm, he just stepped out, sorry'


Current mood: distressed


ooh im happy, adam sandler got a golden globe nomination for 'punch drunk love'

i hope he wins.


i FINALLY finished kaitlyns video. im quite proud of it, though some parts of it are boring. oh well! its like, a half hour long.

schools finally over. im not really looking forward to winter break, but its alot better than being at school ya know? oh well.

im going to nap before work.

Current mood: tired

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